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2009 Bartolex 10-String Classical Guitar

Concert Guitar with Solid Cedar Top






















2009 Bartolex 10-String Guitar

Up for consideration is a brand new, wonderful-sounding Bartolex 10-String classical guitar, with solid cedar top. This is a brand new model with lattice bracing, and it is from the same Bartolex line that I personally play. Click HERE for my review of my own guitar. Click HERE for 1270 Hi-resolution photos of this guitar. This model is now in standard production, but these guitars have been selling as fast as we can make them. so here is your chance to get this amazing new guitar right away, without having to wait or place a custom order.

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Bartolex is a guitar company founded by Argentinian luthier and guitarist Neris Gonzales, with production based in a high-quality Artisian Workshop in China. The result is a great guitar design with a master-grade spruce top and workmanship, at a very affordable price (Click here for my Cathedral Guitar Interview with Neris). Click here for additional Bartolex reviews 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 . The sound, both acoustically and recorded, is wonderful. I personally am endorsing this line of guitars, because I have already played several dozen gigs this year on my Bartolex guitar, and I'm continually astounded at how good these guitars are. This guitar is the answer to my personal dream of having a quality 10-string guitar in standard production at an affordable price -- and perhaps it will be for you as well.

I have played and owned many multi-string classical guitars, and this instrument rivals, equals or surpasses many hand-made guitars currently selling in the 3k - 6k range. This guitar has a master-grade solid cedar top, laminated East Indian Rosewood back & Sides, ebony fretboard, and creates a beautifully-balanced Spanish sound with rounded trebles, deep basses, and excellent resonance and sympathetic sustain. The low bass response is particularly good on this guitar. Many low A strings sound weak and tubby, but the lattice bracing creates a wondeful balance across all the registers, and creates a very even response all thw way down to low A.

I have the guitar tuned in Romantic/Baroque tuning, a standard 10-string tuning: 1-6 is normal, and 7-10 descend step-wise: 7=D, 8=C, 9=B, 10 =A. Strings By Mail has a great selection of 10-string sets and can put together custom sets for you at a discount over individual strings.

This guitar is relatively easy to play. The neck is . Additionally, the guitar can be tuned at a higher pitch with the proper guage of strings, so you can play Renaissance lute music at the same pitch that would be used when played using a lute.

* Scale Length 650 mm
* Nut Width = 85 mm
* 12th Fret width = 90 mm
* Fret 1 = 3 mm
* Fret 10 = 3.5 mm
* Top = Solid Cedar
* Saddle, Nut = Bone
* Back/Sides: Laminated East Indian Rosewood
* Fretboard = Ebony
* Finish: Lacquer
* Model: SLC10
* New hardshell case
* Made in China

Here are sixteen quick, 1-take MP3s of this guitar, tracked using two M7 microphones, a Wunder CM7 GT & a Neumann Gefell CMV563 into a Presonus ADL 600 preamp. This is straight, pure signal with no additional EQ or effects. This guitar is very easy to record, and would make a fine classical guitar for a 10-string CD, or for recording nylon-string guitar tracks in any musical style:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

In short, this guitar is a great concert and/or recording guitar for any intermediate to advanced-level player, and it would make a great guitar for concerts, recitals, local gigs, as well as recording studio projects. It is also the ideal guitar for first getting into the world of Multi-String guitars, as it is a easy-to-play, great-sounding instrument.

USA shipping is $40.00 via or FedEx Ground with included insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for 2009 Bartolex 10-string classical guitar and hardshell case. No other accessories are included.

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