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2009 Bartolex 10-String Classical Harp Guitar

Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Fanned Frets

New Prototype -- Lattice Bracing

2009 Bartolex 10-String Guitar

Up for consideration is a brand new, wonderful-sounding Bartolex 10-String classical harp guitar, with Fanned Frets, Cutaway and BBand A6T electronics. This is a brand new prototype model with lattice bracing, and it is the same model that I personally play, except that this one has the fanned-frets. Click HERE for my review of my own guitar. This model is not yet in standard production -- and this fanned-fret version probably will never be -- so here is a very rare opportunity to get this amazing guitar without having to wait or plce a custom order.

Bartolex is a guitar company founded by Argentinian luthier and guitarist Neris Gonzales, with production based in a high-quality Artisian Workshop in China. The result is a great guitar design with master-grade materials and workmanship, at a very affordable price (Click here for my Cathedral Guitar Interview with Neris). The sound, both acoustically and amplified, is phenomenal. I personally am endorsing this Spruce / Lattice model, because I have already played several dozen gigs this year on this guitar model with regular frets, and I'm continually astounded at how good this guitar is. This guitar was the answer to my dreams -- and perhaps it will be to yours as well.

I have played and owned many 10-string classical harp guitars, and this instrument rivals, equals or surpasses many guitars in the 4k - 6k range. This guitar has a master-grade solid Swiss Spruce top, and creates a very balanced sound with lively trebles, full basses, and excellent resonance and sympathetic sustain.

I currently have the guitar in Requinto Tuning, in the same Baroque/Romantic tuning used by Murial Anderson. Click here for info on Murial's guitar, and click here for the custom D'Addario string set that Strings By Mail has designed for this guitar.

The purpose of fanned frets is to increase the scale lenth of the low bass strings to give them better bass response, AND to increase the scale-lenth of the trebles to give them better response for notes higher than 1 = E. This guitar is tuned in Romantic tuning, tuned up a minor third, but this guitar also has great possibilities with adding a 1 = A -- high A string in a manner of guitarist Paul Galbraith, who is both the most famous classical fanned-fret player, and the most famous classical multi-string guitar player.

This guitar is surprisingly easy to play. Since the scale starts at 615 mm, the shorter scale makes things very easy to reach, and the tilt of the frets is minimal. The design of the fanned-frets made it very easy to adjust to playing it, and this would make a great 10-string guitar especially for women, younger players, or anybody with normal to smaller-sized hands.

* Scale 1 = 615 mm
* Scale 10 = 650 mm
* Top = Solid Swiss Spruce
* Back/Sides: Laminated East Indian Rosewood
* Finish: Lacquer
* BBand A6T Electronics
* Cutaway
* Model: SLSF10CEL
* New silk-lined case
* Made in China

Here are some quick MP3s of my own guitar, tracked using an AKG C480 microphone with a Thiersch M7/M8 capsule, through a Presonus ADL 600 preamp and an Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D converter. This guitar is very easy to record, and would make a fine classical guitar for a solo 10-string classical guitar CD or for recording nylon string harp guitar tracks in other music styles:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

In short, it is a great concert and/or amplified guitar for any intermediate to advanced-level player, and it would make a great guitar for local classical gigs, concerts, and recording studio projects.

USA shipping is $35.00 via or FedEx Ground with $20 for optional insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for 2009 Bartolex classical harp guitar and hardshell case. It comes with a new set of D'Addario strings in Romantic Tuning up a minor third. No other accessories are included.

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