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Brazilian Rosewood 3-Piece Back Set

Pre-CITES 3-Piece Set for Classical Guitar

Brazilian Rosewood -- Pre-CITES -- Save 25% From Live.Com

Up for consideration is a Brazilian Rosewood 3-piece back set for classical guitar. This set was purchased in 2005 (click here for hi-rez photos FRONT / BACK) and has been stored in my luthier's workshop for the past 3 years, so it is seasoned and ready to go into a new guitar!

* Length = 495 mm
* Upper Bout = 124 mm
* Lower Bout = 150 mm
* Thickness = 3 mm

* Length = 523 mm
* Upper = 42mm
* Lower = 92 mm
* Thickness = 3 mm

* Length = 499 mm
* Upper Bout = 121 mm
* Lower Bout = 150 mm
* Thickness = 3 mm

This set is a nice 3-piece back set with come nice light curved grain, along straight grain lines toward the center, & a little bit more figured toward the bouts, and good tap tone. The flared area contains about 10 wormholes that may have been filled and sanded, and will require some attention. This is from my personal wood collection that I have accumulated over several years to build Classical Harp Guitars. Since I am a player who has several 10strings already -- and not a luthier, I am selling off my entire tonewood collection.

USA shipping is $10.00 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking.

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