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VINTAGE 1960s Centralab Tone / Volume Pots

From a Gibson ES-225

Up for consideration is a vintage set of Centralab volume and tone pots from a Gibson ES-225. These guitars were only made in the late 1950s, and these appear not to be the original tone and volume pots that came with the guitar, but are dated to and 1960. They both need to be repaired, but here is a great chance to pick up a set of original Centralab tone and volume pots from the early 1960s at a bargain price!!!

Click Here for 1270 DPI Hi Res photos.

NUMBERS TONE POT (1960 Week 05):

NUMBERS VOLUME POT (1960 Week 23):

These pots were both in my ES-225 guitar when I bought it, and the volume pot worked, but the tone pot did not. I had one of the Collings Guitars luthiers work on the guitar, and he said they looked like the original pots, but he replaced both of them with new ones, as he said he was not able to repair the tone pot, and the volume pot had a lead break (broken part included). Both knobs turn fine, and I'm not sure the nature of the problem or how to fix them myself, so this is a great project for a Gibson guitar restoration, with reburbishing these vintage 1960s pots, which can be repaired by using new or used Centralab internal parts.

USA shipping is $7.50 via FedEx Ground. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one set of Centralab Volume / Tone pots for repair. No wiring, knobs, or other accessories are included.

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