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VINTAGE 1966 Kohno 3 Guitar


Unique Kohno Requinto Guitar!!!


1966 Kohno 3

Requinto Guitar

Up for consideration is a near-mint condition, 1966 Masaru Kohno Requinto classical guitar, with a spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. This guitar is the Kohno Model 3 Requinto, which was and still is a rare, special-order item -- built at the time where Kohno was getting strong international acclaim, and winning the Gold Medal in the international guitar building competition in 1967 -- where Fleta himself was one of the judges. Click HERE for 1270 Hi-resolution photos of this guitar. The current entry-level Kohno-Sakurai model sells new for $7,500 -- and chances are this model would coat about the same, so here is your chance to get this amazing 1966 Kohno Requinto guitar in almost new condition -- from a year when Kohno was at or near his peak -- and save about $5,000!!!

Kohno guitars are among the best classical guitars ever built. He started building in the Fleta style, and Fleta himself commented said that Kohno guitars sounded just like his. Kohnos from the late 1960s are the most highly coveted because this is a time when the workshop consisted of just maestros Kohno and Sakurai building guitars as a 2-man team, long before they added the many employees during the boom years of the 1970s when the operation was more like a factory.

* Model: Kohno 3 Requinto
* Scale = 518 mm
* Top: Solid Spruce
* Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
* Fretboard: Brazilian
* Finish: Lacquer
* Nut Width: 50 mm
* 12th Fret width: 58 mm
* Body length: 410 mm
* Body depth: 94 mm
* Upper Bout Width: 243 mm
* Lower Bout Width: 318 mm
@ String 1 = 3.75 mm
@ String 6 =4.25 mm
* Dot marker @ fret 7
* Hardshell case
* Made in Japan

This guitar is a small-scale requinto, but has a surprisingly big sound, and has all the great qualities of a concert Kohno: excellent resonance, great power and sustain, perfect intonation, and has very even response across the registers.

Here are 14 quick, 1-take MP3 sound files to give you an idea of what to expect. These MP3 files have no compression, EQ or reverb -- just straight signal, tracked through a pair of Blue Dragonfly cardioid condenser mics, into a Presonus ADL 600 tube preamp into a Rosetta 200 A/D converter.

1 | Intonation Test (Harmonic /
fretted note @ the 12th fret)

2 | Resonance Test (Stopped scales / chords showing sympathetic resonance)

3 | Packington's Pound (English
Renaissance, before 1596)

4 | Pavan #1 (Luis Milan, 1500-1561,
Spanish Renaissance)

5 | Tanz (Renaissance)

6 | Improv

| Brian Boru's March

| Bianca Fiore

| Improv (Flamenco)

10 | Corn Yards (Scottish)

11 | Improv (Ukulele-style)

12 | Branle Gay (Renaissance)

13 | Improv (Ukulele-style)

14 | Improv

Several string makers make sets for Requinto tuning where 1-6 is tuned (up a fourth) to A, E, C, G, D, A. Strings By Mail has a nice selection of Requinto sets including D'Addario, Hannabach, and GHS. La Bella also makes a set.

The main purpose of the Requinto is to provide a higher pitched instrument that blends well with the standard guitar in a guitar ensemble setting. This could be anywhere from a guitar duo, trio or quartet, up to an entire guitar orchestra. However, the Requinto offers several advantages for solo playing as well: 1) it is very easy to play because of the smaller scale, and so it makes a great instrument for children, women, or people with smaller-than-normal hands; 2) The small instrument size also lends itself to make a great travel guitar for airline overhead compartmant storage or for car trips; 3) the higher pitched instrument is very appropriate for playing Renaissnace lute music, which was also in a similar pitch range; 4) folk music that might normally be played on a ukulele sounds GREAT played on this guitar, and it is very fun to play, improvise, and compose in that style.

In short, in addition to being a great find for guitar collectors, this guitar is a very nice Kohno concert requinto and/or recording guitar for any beginner / intermediate to advanced-level player, and it would make a great requinto guitar for guitar ensembles (LAGQ could use one of these!!!), as well as solo concerts, recitals, local gigs, as well as recording studio projects. It is also the ideal guitar for getting into the world of short-scale guitars, as it is an easy-to-play, great-sounding instrument, that will only go up in value, as it may be the only one of its kind in existance!!!


Insured USA FedEx Ground is $40, and Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air is $65. I do accept PayPal (eCheck preferred) as well as all the traditional forms of payment including barters and trades. Thanks for looking. Please ask questions before bidding. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! If you are not happy with the guitar for any reason, simply return it within 3 days. This auction is for one Kohno 3 Requinto classical guitar guitar and case. No other accessories are included.

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