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UPDATED: July 15, 2010; STATUS: EXCELLENT; CASHBACK = 8%; Get the discount searching for ebay Schoeps or XBOX 360. The offer will expire on July 31, so you have just a few more days to take advantage of this amazing givaway.

As many people already know, Microsoft is trying to enter the search business, as evidenced earlier this year by their 45 Billion dollar offer to purchase Yahoo. Recently they were in the news for trying to buy their way into an exclusive search deal with Verizon Wireless. They are sitting on a boatload of money, and currently are paying people money to use their brand new search engine, It is probably a lot cheaper for them to pay people $200 to use their product than it is for them to purchase Yahoo. Here's my Unofficial User's Guide on how to successfully navigate the system to your financial advantage.

Step 1 The first thing to do is to find something you want to buy, and then watch the item on your My Ebay page. It doesn't matter how you get to eBay -- just do your normal shopping, and find something to pick up the discount on, and watch it in My eBay. It has to be a Buy-It-Now item, and you have to pay with PayPal.

Step 2 is go to From the main window do a search for XBOX 360 or ebay Schoeps. You will see the eBay promotional ad at the top of the page:

Click on the Shop eBay link, and you are in!!! If you don't see the subtitle offering the cashnack rebate, click refresh or search again for the same thing, or something else popular, as it comes up about 7 times out of 10, depending on the day and time. Once you are in look for the CASHBACK logo at the top of your screen:

You don't have to buy an iPod or anything else you don't want. Just go directly to your My eBay page and purchase what you have already shopped for. It has to be a Buy-It-Now item, and you have to pay with Paypal. When you click the Buy-It-Now button the screen will display your exact cashback amount:

On the bottom of the page that totals your invoice including shipping, the discount will appear again:

Some legal terms and conditions apply. Here is the EBAY PAGE that lists them. My understanding is that you can make up to 20 purchases under the program, with a $2,500 cashback cap per year. You get a window of 60 minutes to take advantage of the discounts each time you use Bing.Com to get in to eBay. You must pay by PayPal, and the rebate is applied to your Paypal account after 60 days (to avoid returned items). After you make your purchase and pay with Paypal, you will get an email in your My eBay / Message Center instructing you on how to open the Cashback account at Bing.Com, and listing once again your exact cashback amount:

Have fun with the promotion. I have found that with $200 cash back or 8-30% off, you can find some pretty good deals on eBay. Also, it feels good getting one small piece of that big mountain of money from Bill Gates!

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