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2005 Michael McBroom 10-String Guitar

Hand-made Concert Classical Harp Guitar

Michael McBroom

10-String Guitar

Up for consideration is a 2005 Michael McBroom 10-string classical harp guitar. Michael made a name for himself as somewhat of a 10-string guitar specialist, as he quickly built up a 2-year waiting list consisting almost exclusively of 10-string guitar commissions. Unfortunately, due to recent health problems, Michael is currently limited to working only about 1-2 hours a day, and his backlog may now extend 5 years or more, and he is no longer accepting new orders. Here is a very rare chance to pick up a wonderful hand-made McBroom in excellent condition, without having to wait or place a long-term custom order!!!

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1270 DPI high-resolution photos of this guitar are here. A history of the building process / construction journal of this very guitar is here. The guitar features a Contreras bracing pattern, Brazilian back and sides, an AAA-grade Spruce top, and custom purfling and binding.

I am the original owner of this guitar, and am only selling it because I recently acquired a second McBroom 10-string, and unfortunately I have to sell one of them. I purchased much of the tonewood for this guitar myself. The spruce top was from Maderas Barber in Spain, and is their highest grade of Spruce. All the purfling and binding came from Karin Rost in Germany. The guitar is now slightly different from the original construction journal description in that Schatten pick-up has been removed, and the Alessi tuners have been switched out for a Bartolex-style set of tuners.

* Scale Length 660 mm
* Nut Width = 84 mm
* 12th Fret width = 100 mm
* Action 1st @ 12 = 3.5 mm
* Action 10 @ 12 = 5.5 mm
* Body depth = 102 mm
* Top = German Spruce
* Back/Sides: Brazilian Rosewood
* Finish: French Polish
* Hardshell Case
    * Made in USA

Here are several sound files to give you an idea of what to expect. The guitar has an amazing resonance, as well as a powerful bass response. These MP3 files have no compression, EQ or reverb -- just mic'd through a pair of Blue Dragonfly mics, into a Presonus ADL 600 preamp into a Rosetta 200 A/D converter.

1 | Intonation Test (Harmonic /
fretted note @ the 12th fret)

2 | Resonance Test (Stopped scales / chords showing sympathetic resonance)

3 | Packington's Pound (English
Renaissance, before 1596)

4 | Joy To the Person (Anon.
English Renaissance)

5 | Kelly's Song
(original composition)

6 | Corn Yards (Scottish
Renaissance, 1596-1657)

Here are some additional MP3 clips of this guitar using a vintage AKG C414 EB multi-pattern mic):

7 | Pavan #1 (Luis Milan, 1500-1561,
Spanish Renaissance)

8 | The Bartolex Song
(original composition)

9 | Improv
(original composition)

10 | Wascha Mesa (Hans Neusidler,
1508-1563, German Renaissance)

11 | Improv
(original composition)

12 | From the Beginning (Emerson,
Lake, & Palmer. 1972, Trilogy)

13 | Love Song (Guillaume de
Machaut, 1300-1377, French)

This guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks or repairs or any known issues. I got it new in 2005 and primarily used it for live gigs with the Schatten pick-up that Michael had installed, but quickly discovered that a French Polish guitar is not the ideal instrument for playing gigs with, as the finish does tend to break down under prolonged exposure to heat. That is why I removed the pickup and started using a Bartolex guitar for amplified gigs. The French polish does show some signs of wear that may not be visable in the photos. That would be where the back of the guitar hits the chest, and where the lower bout hits the elbow and forearm. Also, there is a small filled hole in the headstock from where the previous set of tuners was installed.

I have the guitar tuned in Romantic tuning, a standard 10-string tuning where 1-6 is normal, and 7-10 descend step-wise: 7=D, 8=C, 9=B, 10 =A. Strings By Mail has a great selection of 10-string sets and can put together custom sets for you at a discount over individual strings. Several excellent string manufacturers offer 10-string sets, in cluding D'Addario, Hannabach, and Savarez. LaBella also makes a set but I do not recommend it.

My website Cathedral Guitar has a lot of info on multi-string guitars; I also run an internet radio station on multi-string guitars and lutes 10-String Radio; and also I moderate a 10-String Yahoo Group on the subject, and am working on an instructional website, Perf De Castro has a YouTube Multi-String Guitar channel on the instrument. James R. Smith has an excellent intoductory article to the world of multi-strings, here.


Insured USA FedEx Ground is $40, and Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air is $65. I do accept PayPal (eCheck preferred) as well as all the traditional forms of payment including barters and trades. Thanks for looking. Please ask questions before bidding. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! If you are not happy with the guitar for any reason simply return it within 3 days. This auction is for one Michael McBroom 10-string classical harp guitar guitar and case. No other accessories are included.

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