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Doc Scary Custom 2-Channel Mic Preamp -- NEW

Built using NOS Millennia HV-3C preamp channels

Doc Scary Mic Pre

Up for consideration is a new Doc Scary 2-channel mic pre, built using NOS Millennia HV-3C preamp boards. These are an industry standard, and are amazing for acoustic instruments, overheads or any other source where a super-clean signal path is desired. New the Millennia units sell for $1844, so here is your chance to pick up an exactly the same-sounding unit and save a thousand bucks!!!

* 2 channels of HV-3C
* Millennia Power Supply Board
* Millennia HV-3 front panel
* 12-step (+5 dB) gain controls
* Mogami Wiring
* E-Star aftermarket chassis
* 48 V Phantom Power
* 1 year warrantee
* 110 V AC Power
* Made in USA

This mic pre is brand new, built using NOS Millennia parts sold to Doc Scary for his personal use. Doc is a former Millennia employee who is currently gearing up to release his own line of Scary Drive overdrive pedals and Scary Amp guitar tube amps, and is selling off his personal collection of Millennia pres to raise some cash. Please see the Jan/Feb Tape Op for a review of his Scary Drive overdrive pedal. There are only a handful of these NOS HV-3C boards left, so this amazing deal will not last very much longer.

You can upgrade to the Millennia 36-step optical gain switches (+1.5 dB) by adding $300 to your winning bid.

I have a Doc Scary HV-3C pre for tracking Classical Harp Guitar, and it sounds wonderful. Here are some MP3s files of me playing a Bartolex 10-string guitar using Schoeps CMT 1 | 2 mics. Click here for MP3s of an Oktava MC 012 on Acoustic Guitar 1 | 2.

"The Doc Scary HV-3C mic preamp is really transparent and musical, and makes my 10-String guitar recordings really shine."
-- Perf De Castro

"Doc Scary's HV-3C brings my acoustic guitar sound to life"
-- Mike Jasper

Since this is a custom-made preamp by Doc Scary, this unit will not be serviced by Millennia. This is not a Millennia product. This is a Doc Scary product made from NOS HV-3C parts that were purchased from Millennia. The 1-year warrantee is through Doc Scary only.


USA shipping is $35.00 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation, and optional insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Warranty of 1 year to original buyer from Doc Scary, with shipping paid both ways by the buyer. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one Doc Scary HV-3C custom stereo microphone preamp and power cable. No other accessories are included.

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