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Millennia Origin SST-1 Twin Typology Channel Strip

With Millennia's Telefunken NOS Tube Option

Millennia STT-1

Up for consideration is a mint Millennia Origin STT-1  channel strip mic pre / DI, upgraded with NOS Telefunken 12SAX7 and RTC 12AU7WA French military tubes as recommended by Millennia. The unit is a single channel mic pre / instrument DI that allows you to select between solid-state HV-3 or M-2b tube preamp sections, plus a transformer can be switched into the circuit in either mode.

In addition, you get Millennia's world-class EQ section, as well as a very nice opto-compressor and De-Esser. Millennia HV-3's are an industry standard, and sound quite amazing on acoustic instruments, drums and overheads -- and the M-2b tube section compliments this wonderfully with a second clean, yet slightly warmer and rounder tube sound -- and it you can instantly select between the two simply by pushing a button. It is basically like having four pre's in one chassis. New, the Millennia STT-1 units sell for $3,055 with the stock Sovtek tunes, and with the NOS Telefunken / RTC tube options for both the 12AX7 and 12AU7s, the units sell for $3955 -- so here is your chance to pick up this amazing high-end unit in mint condition and and save about two thousand bucks!!!

* 1 channel of HV-3 or M-2B
    * 2 NSEQ-2 Parametric EQs
    * 3 Opto Compressor Paths
    * 2 Telefunken 12AX7 tubes
    * 2 RTC 12AU7WA tubes
    * Stock Sovtek DI Tube
* Nogami Wiring
    * 110V or 220VAC Power
    * Made in USA

This unit is in is mint condition, with very little signs of racking or other use.

Millennia's Spec Sheet
Millennia's Product Highlights
Millennia's Reviews
Millennia's STT-1 Maunal

Here is a review of the M2 tube unit upgraded with the French RTC NOS Tube Upgrade. Here is Millennia's own listening test results -- where they recommend the exact tubes that are installed in this unit.

I have seen this unit with a Millennia insert option allowing you to use the unit as a standalone EQ / compressor. Please check with Millennia for the price of the insert mod.

I have used the SST-1 for tracking Classical Harp Guitar, and it sounds wonderful. Here are some quick MP3s of this unit -- using all 4 preamp modes (1) Tubes / Transformer out; (2) Tubes / Transformer in; (3) Solid State / Transformer out; (4) Solid State / Transformer in. All tracked continuously with the STT using a Blue Dragonfly mic through an Apogee Rosetta 200 D/A:

Acoustic Guitar
Classical Harp Guitar
Rain Drum
Voice Over


USA insured shipping is $50.00 in the original Millennia shipping container, and I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one Millennia Origin STT-1 mic / instrument preamp, original owner's maual and power cable. No other accessories are included.

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