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VINTAGE -- Neumann Km84i Condenser Mic

The Holy Grail of Acoustic Instrument Mics

Neumann KM84 Serviced By Bill Bradley / of The Mic Shop

Up for consideration is a vintage Neumann KM84 condenser microphone. This is the version with the -10 dB pad switch. It was serviced earlier this year by Bill Bradley (for $175), and it performs perfectly up to spec. These mics are highly coveted for acoustic instruments, especially guitar, and overheads. You will find these mics in widespread use in all the great recording studios, like Abbey Road, where they have a total of 24! New, the current model KM 140 sells for $1,249, so here is your chance to pick up a better-sounding, vintage KM84, and not even have to pay a premium!

* Polar Pattern: Cardioid
* Serial Number: 49256
* -10 dB Pad
* Connector: XLR
* 48 V Phantom Power
* Made in Germany

This mic is in very good condition, with minor scratches from normal use. Somebody has lightly written "Magic Sound" on the amp housing, but the mic sounds fantastic. A vintage mic purchase is often a big question mark as to the condition of the mic -- but here you can rest assured that this mic has been professionally serviced and is performing up to spec, and should give you years of reliable performance. I used it briefly for tracking Classical Harp Guitar, and it sounds heavenly. I REALLY , REALLY HATE to sell this, but must do so to purchase some other drool-worthy gear.

USA shipping is $9.50 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation, and optional insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one Neumann KM84 microphone and clip. No other accessories are included.

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