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Vintage Schoeps CMT 30 w/ M934b

SOLD Excellent Condition FET mic w/Card/Omni Cap!!!

CMT 30

Up for consideration is a vintage Schoeps CMT 30 microphone in excellent condition. Both the CMT30 body and M934b capsule were serviced by Schoeps in 2009. Originally this mic was made for French Broadcast / RTF (Radio/Television France) as a FET version of the M221F tube mics. The mic sounds very similar to the famous M221, yet has no expensive AC701k tube to replace. The M934b capsule is skinned in mylar, which is more durable than the fragile nickel capsules on the M221. New, the current model Schoeps CMC 6 with the MK5 omni/card capsule sells for $2,290, so here is your chance to pick up a vintage, recently serviced mic with the famous M934b omni/card capsule at less than half price!!!

CLICK HERE for 1270 DPI Hi Res photos. Additional photos of this mic with a previously sold elbow and ORTF mount tube are HERE and HERE. For additional information, check out the page for the CMT30 and the frequency graphs for the M934b from the Schoeps website.

This mic is in excellent cosmetic condition, and like-new working condition, as both the capsule and the the amp were serviced by Schoeps in 2009.

* CMT 30 F Serial Number: 669
* Inscribed RTF
* Gold XLR
* Serviced by Schoeps 2009

* M934b Serial Number: 2678
* Inscribed RTF
* Polar Pattern: Omni / Cardioid
* New Phase Ring
* Serviced by Schoeps 2009

This mic has thread patterns that also work with the original M221 and M221F tube mic and the CMMT30F mics. It will NOT work with the M221a, M221b, CMT or the current CMC mics. If you are not sure, please feel free to ask a question.

This mic runs on 12V Phantom Power (not T-Power), but it works with standard 48V Phantom Power just fine -- but is NOT HOT-SWAPPABLE. You must power down the mic before removing or connecting it.

Here are 12 quick, 1-take MP3s of this mic on Bartolex 10-string classical Harp Guitar, tracked in both omni and cardioid, into a Presonus ADL 600 preamp with a Rosetta 200 A/D converter. The file name will tell you if it is Omni or Cardioid. This is straight signal with no additional EQ or effects:

1 | Resonance Test
(Showing Sympathetic Resonance)

2 | Intonation Test (Harmonic @
12th fret, followed by fretted note)

3 | Corn Yards (Scottish Renaissance,
Rowallen Lute Book, 1596-1657)

4 | The Canaries (Scottish Renaissance,
Rowallen Lute Book, 1596-1657)

5 | Joy To the Person (Anon.,
English Renaissance)

6 | Kelly's Song (original composition, 2008)

7 | Se A Mi Acorgo (Italian Renaissance)

8 | Packington's Pound (English
Renaissance, before 1596)

9 | The Third Tune (Thomas Tallis,
1505-1586, with improvisations)

10 | Pavan #1 (Luis Milan, 1500-1561
Spanish Renaissance)

11 | Wascha Mesa (Hans Neusidler,
1508-1563, German Renaissance)

12 | Improvisation (with low basses)

Here are 14 MP3s of this mic with me on classical Harp Guitar and Stephanie Phillips, Viola, tracked with the same signal chain, with no EQ, but some Reverb effects added in Logic. The recording uses a pair of CMT 30 mics, with M934b on the viola in cardioid, and a hypercard capsule on the guitar.

D01 | Hypnotic Harmonics (original)

D02 | Improvisation (original)

D03 | Kelly's Song (original)

D04 | Love Song (Mauchaut, 13th C France)

D05 | The Third Tune (Tallis)

D06 | Slurs, Lies, Slander (original)

D07 | Timur's Song (original)

D08 | Improvisation in Dm (original)

D09 | Canon in D (Pachelbel)

D10 | Ave Maris Stella (Gregorian chant)

D11 | Rohan Theme (from Lord of the Rings)

D12 | Flamenco Impro (original)

D13 | Shenandoah (American folk song)

D14 | O The Beautiful Treasures (Shaker tune,)

USA shipping is $15.00 via FedEx Ground, with tracking, Insurance and Signature Confirmation. You will love this mic, but please ask questions first. Satisfaction Guaranteed, with a 3-day return, buyer pays shipping . I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one Schoeps CMT 30 / M94B and Phase Ring (for cardioid pattern only). No other accessories are included.

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