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VINTAGE -- CMT 34 Cardioid Microphone

Entire Microphone Completely Rebuilt by Schoeps


Schoeps CMT 34

Up for consideration is avintage Schoeps CMT 34 cardioid condenser microphone. This mic was just completely overhauled and rebuilt by Schoeps last month. It comes with the MK4 Cardioid capsule, and it will also accept other capsules from either the CMT 3 and CMT 4 series of mics. Click here for Schoeps's CMT Series overview. New, the current CMC 34 model sells for about $1700, so here is your chance to pick up a famous Schoeps cardioid mic in like-new condition for less than half price!

* Capsule Dismounted
* Small Parts Replaced
* Adjusted and measured
* New XLR Connector
* New Housing
* New Output Stage
* Adjusted and Measured
* P12 Phantom Power
* Made in Germany

This mic is in top condition, since it was just rebuilt by Schoeps. A vintage mic purchase is usually a big question mark as to the condition of the mic, but here you can rest assured that the mic is performing up to spec and should give you decades of reliable performance. I purchased it recently paired with a CMT 341, but since I only need the 341 I'm selling the 34. The mic is P12 powered, meaning that it runs on 12 Volt phantom power -- but it can be used on normal 48 Volt systems as long as you turn on phantom power AFTER plugging in the mic (source: Bernhard Vollmer / Schoeps). I use my 341 all the time on P48 with no problems. However, I'm also including a Rapco 12 volt PSU just in case you want to power it at 12 volts.

Microsoft is offering a promotion of their search engine by offering up to 30% off if you use Buy-it-Now and pay with Paypal. You can make up to 6 purchases using this promotion. Step 1 is go to Step 2 is do a search for Schoeps eBay. You will see the ebay promotion ad at the top of the page. Click on it and you are in! Step 3 is to locate this item once more, being sure that the promotion logo is visable at ALL TIMES at the top of the page. Make sure see the EXACT rebate amount on the Buy-it-Now confirmation page. The rebate will be sent to your Paypal account in about 60 days.

USA shipping is $12.50 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation, and add the appropriate optional insurance: DOMESTIC | INTERNATIONAL. Please ask about the cheaper USPS First Class International Shipping. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking. This auction is for 1 Schoeps CMT 34 mic, with a Rapco12V phantom power unit. No mic cables or other accessories are included.

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