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VINTAGE -- CMT 341 Cardioid Microphone

Entire Microphone Completely Rebuilt by Schoeps


Up for consideration is a vintage Schoeps CMT 341 hypercardioid condenser microphone. This mic was just completely overhauled and rebuilt by Schoeps in September, 2008. It comes with the MK41 hypercardioid capsule, and it will also accept other capsules from either the Schoeps CMT 3 and CMT 4 series of mics. Click here for Schoeps's CMT Series overview. You rarely see these Schoeps MK41 CMT mics for sale, because they are so good that everybody wants to keep theirs -- myself included. New, the current model Schoeps CMC 641 model sells for $1939, so here is your chance to pick up a fabulous Schoeps hypercard mic in like-new condition for less than half price!

* New Diaphragm
* Small Parts Replaced
* Adjusted and measured
* New Body Housing
* New Output Stage
* New XLR Connector
* Adjusted and Measured
* P12 Phantom Power
* Made in Germany

This mic is in like-new condition, since it was just rebuilt and totally refurbished by Schoeps, with a new body housing, new diaphragm, new output stage and new XLR connector. A vintage mic is often a big question mark as to the current condition and future longevity of the mic, but here you can rest assured that the mic is performing up to the new Schoeps specs, and should give you decades of World Class performance. This mic has less than 5 hours of us in my smoke-free home studio. I have a second CMT 341 that is also for sale.

The mic is powered at P12 , meaning that it runs on 12 Volt phantom power -- but it runs fine on normal 48 Volt Phanotm systems, as long as you turn on phantom power AFTER plugging in the mic (source: email from Schoeps/Repair, also see here ). I use my other CMT 341 all the time on normal 48 Volt phantom power.

Collings Acoustic | 1
Max Krimmel Acoustic | 1 | 2 | 3
Paulino Bernabe 10-String Classical Harp Guitar | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Rain Drum | 1
Wooden Flute | 1

SIGNAL CHAIN: Schoeps CMT 341 / Presonus ADL 600 / Rosetta 200 / Logic.


USA shipping is $12.50 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation, and add the appropriate optional insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I do accept PayPal, and PayPal eCheck is preferred as the seller incurs only a $5 fee. Thanks for looking. This auction is for 1 Schoeps CMT 341 microphone. No mic cables or other accessories are included. A second CMT 341, with a sequentially numbered body, is also available.

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