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Vintage Schoeps M221B / CMT Stereo Case

Complete with dual M934 / MK 5 Slots!!!

Schoeps Case: M221 / CMT / CMC Series


Length: 6.75 inches
Width: 3.5 inches
Depth: 1.625 inches

Max Mic: 5.875 inches
-- Slot is 4.5 inches from right edge

Up for consideration is a vintage Schoeps M221 M934 / CMT / MK5 stereo microphone case. I have tested it with an M221B / M934b and it fits in the case nicely, with the M934 slot fitting perfectly (see bottom photo). It also fits the CMT series with the switchable MK 5. It likely will fit the CMC / MK 5 series mics as well.

Of course, any CMT / CMC with a flat capsule fits in there fine. It probably is an original OEM CMT / MK 5 stereo pair case. All CMTs / CMCs will fit as long as the capsule is flat and your mic is 5.875 in length or less.

Considering that this case is more than 40 years old, it is in very good condition. The outer edges of the case has some wear, but otherwise this case is pretty good shape. It is made in Germany, so no wonder the thing has held up so well!

USA shipping is $7.50 via USPS Priority Mail, withe Delivery Confirmation. Please ask about international shipping. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking. No actual microphone included -- this auction is for the Schoeps mic case only.


Showing the fit of a Schoeps M221B / 934B w/ teuchel (microphone not included)

Showing the fit of a Schoeps CMT 341 w/XLR (microphone not included)


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