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VINTAGE Wollensac / Shure B-162-4 Mic


Talk-Back Mic with Vintage Look & Feel

Up for consideration is a vintage Wollensak / Shure B-162-4 dynamic microphone which was OEM manufactured for Wollensak by Shure back in the 50's or 60's. I am the origional owner of this mic, and have had it since before I can remember. The Wollensak B-162-4 is highly sought after as a talkback mic, because it looks more like a Norelco electric shaver than a mic. It also feels good on your face! So here is a rare opportunmity to to add this great mic to your unobtainuim collection, and impress clients, too!!!

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This Wollensak B-162-4 is in excellent working condition and cosmetic condition. Wollensak in German means "recorded inside a burlap sack," but this mic is actually quiter than a vintage East German tube mic costing $2,500. Search for B-162-4 on the Internet and you will find that it was actually preferred by John Cage for the master recordings of 4'33".

USA shipping is $7.50 via USPS Priority Mail, and Delivery Confirmation. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for getting this far in the ad. This auction is for one Wollensak / Shure B-162-4 mic and hard-wired 1/4 cable. No mic stand, iMac computer or any other accessories are included. This mic may be tax-deductable.

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