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VINTAGE: Wilhelm Kruse 10-String Classical Harp Guitar

Nice 1920s Harp Guitar with Exellent Sound!!!











































































Kruse Harp Guitar

Up for consideration is a vintage Wilhelm Kruse 10-string classical harp guitar. The guitar was repaired by San Antonio luthier, Lucio Nunez, and professionally set up by Dick Dubois, a luthier for Collings Guitars. The guitar was built in Markneukirchen, Germany, in around 1920 by Wilhelm Kruse, a noted violin and general instrument maker (SEE CATALOG 1 | 2). This guitar is very easy to play, as it has a short-scale normal tuning 6-string neck, and then 4 floating bass strings (D, C, B, A). This is an excellent guitar for learning the multi-string guitar, and it is also a great travel guitar due to its smaller scale. This is a great chance to get a nice sounding, easily playable, vintage harp guitar, that is already repaired, set-up and ready to go!!!

* Spruce Top
* Maple Back and Sides
* Scale 1-6: 620 mm
* Scale 7-10: 672 mm
* Ladder Bracing
* Action: 3 mm (1-6)
* Carved / Arched Back
* New Nut
* Soft Case
* More Photos
* Made in Germany

The guitar is in very good condition considering that it is close to 90 years old. It is readily playable, and has an excellent sound, with rounded trebles with lots of sustain due to the wonderful resonance of the instrument. The basses are big and surprisingly powerful for such a small-bodied guitar. The back does have a crack that Lucio Nunez repaired as well as a stable split side seam (see photos), and the top has a repaired crack below the bridge. The headstock has a repair and some screw holes from a strap holder, and the guitar has been refinished at some point. Both Dick Dubois and Lucio Nunez have checked it out and found it to be structurally sound and stable, and ready for several more decades of continued playing.

Here are several sound files to give you an idea of what to expect. It has tremendous sustain due to the 10-string resonance. All clips are recorded in stereo with a Schoeps CM61 and a Blue Woodpecker through an ADL 600 / Rosetta 200 with no EQ or reverb added.
Resonance Test
Bass Notes
Milan Pavan #1
Brian Boru's March
Improv #1
Improv #2
Improv #3
Improv #4
Improv #5
Improv #6
Improv #7

I installed Hannabach Super High Tension Set 815 on strings1-6 to compensate for the shorter scale length. Hannabach 815 High Tension basses are on strings 6-10 in Romantic Tunig (D, C, B, A). Replacement strings are readily available at Strings By Mail.


This is a great guitar, and I have been very happy with it, but I have too many 10-strings at the moment and this one rarely gets played. The 10-string classical harp guitar is my main instrument, and you can find more info about them at my website, Cathedral Guitar, and you can hear more music played by multi-string guitars and lutes at my radio station, 10-String Radio. Additional Harp Guitar material can be found at Gergg Miner's amazing website,, which is also the source for the Kruse catalog art 2, and the More Photos link above.


USA shipping is $25.00 via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation, and optional insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. I do accept PayPal, Money Orders, Personal Checks. Thanks for looking. This auction is for one Kruse 10-String Classical Harp Guitar and soft case. No other accessories are included.

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