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MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Pedal

Simple, Effective Clean Boost for Leads, Strats!!!


Up for consideration is a MXR Micro Amp, a "clean boost" type of pedal -- a deceptively simple, yet highly effective and surprisingly versatile pedal for boosting volume for lead guitar solos, as well as driving amps and pedalboards. Although showing signs of some serious use, the pedal still works perfectly, and sounds great, as it should. Here is a nice opportunity to pick one up in a no reserve, $1 auction.

CLICK HERE for additional 1270 DPI Hi-Res photos of this Micro Amp and here are some Webzine + Youtube user reviews [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ].

This is a versatile pedal that not only can highlight lead guitar solos in a band/studio setting, but can also be useful for many other duties, including 1) Use on Strats and other single-coil guitars to match the output volume of Les Paul/HB guitars; 2) Match volume on the same guitar equipped with 4-conductor PUPs to get the split-coils to be just as loud as the HB sounds; 3) Boost the guitar's output to drive a preamp; 4) at the front of the pedalboard to drive the distortion boxes; 5) at the back end of a pedalboard to boost the overall signal strength; 6) boost the PUP output to drive the amp into the sweet zone; 7) Used as a loudness defeat, so that the boost is always on, and use it as a bypass for softer, clean passages; 8) Signal boost to compensate for long instrument cable runs.

* Up to 26 dB Boost
* True Bypass
* Clean Boost
* 1/8" DC Power Jack
* Working Perfectly
* Clean Electronics
* Foot Knob Cover
* 9V Battery Included


USA shipping is $12.50 via FedEx Ground, with tracking, Insurance and Signature Confirmation. Satisfaction Guaranteed, with a 3-day return, buyer pays shipping, so please ask questions first. This auction is for a MXR Micro Amp guitar pedal and a brand new 9V battery installed. No other accessories are included.

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MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

MXR Micro Amp Clean Boost Guitar Pedal

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